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Case Study

BMI - Reap The Benefit Of Installing The Variflow

The Variflow

BMI Choose The Variflow

The Variflow

BMI Choose The Variflow

BMI Healthcare

In January 2010, two hospitals within the BMI Healthcare Group took advantage of the savings that the Variflow Ultra Clean Ventilation System can offer.

Over two 9 day programmes the Variflows were installed, as well as amending all services to the existing theatres; ductwork, medical gases and electrical works all had to be rerouted to accommodate the new hood. New ceilings were installed to incorporate new general lights and in the centre of the hood, new operating lights were provided.

The Theatres suite was isolated from the other theatres and sealed to ensure there was no ingress of dust to other working areas.

Care was taken during the installation to ensure none of the other theatres were disturbed by our activities.

By incorporating two weekends into the programme the loss of theatre time for the hospitals was only five days, making a considerable saving on revenue; whilst ensuring that operational lists were only delayed by one working week.

With the installation of the Variflow, which uses energy efficient fans to achieve a 50% decrease on the absorbed power and as the ability to reduce the fan speed for other surgical procedures; BMI will benefit from further savings on the power absorbed during daily operations.

As BMI have a goal to reduce their annual carbon footprints, they now have an Ultra Clean Ventilation System to assist them in achieving this.

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