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The Variflow System

Ultra Clean Ventilation Systems

The Variflow

Designed to save energy within the healthcare sector

The "Variflow" Ultra Clean Ventilation System has been developed by professional engineers with comprehensive experience in this industry. The innovative design is a milestone in the development of Ultra Clean Ventilation designed and manufactured in Manchester. Helping the healthcare sector reduce their carbon footprint by saving energy. You can download a copy of the Variflow Data Sheet for technical specifications:

Variflow Technical Brochure Download

The Variflow System

The Control Panel

The UCV is powered from a separate panel. Controls include integral speed controllers to control the speed of each individual fan, operational modes and setback mode indicators along with individual fan fail warning lights.

The Variflow System

Self Contained

The Variflow is a new concept in Ultra Clean Ventilation Systems (UCV) giving users a variable speed unit, whilst using green technology fans. Each of the three procedure settings maintain air quality and entrainment levels as set out in HTM 03.

The Variflow System


Internal lighting is provided with the use of four integral teardrop light fittings 570mm long single 55w tubes to provide a minimum level of 1000 lux within the clean zone, when minimum eight perimeter general lights are incorporated in the remainder of the theatre ceiling.

The Variflow System

The Unit

The unit is constructed from welded mild steel sheets to form four identical quarters, which fit around the operating light stem. The four sections are bolted together and a steel mounted frame is fixed to the outside.

Fully Compliant and Flexible Usage

  • Fully compliant with HTM 03-01
  • Up to 50% energy saving
  • Self contained and Remote systems
  • Variable speed settings
  • Meets entrainment levels at all settings
  • An Ultra Clean Ventilation System suitable for a variety of surgical procedures
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