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Case Study

Old theatres get new life at Childrens University Hospital

Childrens University Hospital

Childrens University Hospital

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Childrens University Hospital

With a need to refurbish three existing operating theatres and replace their ageing plant, the Childrens University Hospital in Dublin, called upon the expertise of VtV Solutions to assist them in providing a scheme that would ensure they maintained the use of as many theatres as possible, whilst the work was being carried out.

By using Modular Plantrooms built off site and producing detailed specifications and drawings to be used to tender the works for all Builder’s Work and M&E Services, the scheme ran to programme and provided the hospital with an upgraded facility of high quality.

VtV Solutions design included all services associated with Operating Theatres and the equipping of three modular plantrooms, to house new AHUs, electrical boards, IPS/UPS equipment, heat exchanger etc. The internal works included, new doors, wall cladding, floors, ceilings, lighting, electrical power outlets, surgeons lights and medical gas pendants.

By ensuring the contractors had a 10 week lead time before the works started on site, all long lead time items were purchased or built offsite to avoid delays once the theatres were closed; this ensured that the dates the hospital had for starting operations again were always met and no surgical procedure had to be re-scheduled.

The existing tiled walls were retained as to remove them would have had a greater effect on theatre down time and increase the possibility of dust contaminating other clean areas. VtV Solutions therefore chose to use Altro Whiterock cladding that could be adhered to the tiles; the joints were sealed with a proprietary capping. Altro have a selection of jointing methods for the wall panels and they integrated well with the floors and ceilings, meeting the approval of the Infection Control Department. This product can be seen at VtV Solutions in Manchester and is a durable clean product that can be applied quickly.

Anne Tynan, Theatre Manager said:

"The work was carried out as per early discussions we had with Graham and the scheme came in within budget, finished earlier than anticipated and we were able to carryout nearly 400 operations during the phased works."

Phase 1:
The first of three phases, was the most difficult when all three theatres were closed for a 3 week period. The work executed within the transitional corridor that linked all three theatres, included services in the roof space and applying Whiterock to the walls, along with new vinyl flooring.

Phase 2:
Incorporated the closure of Theatres 1 and 3 for nine weeks whilst Theatre 2 remained open working on the old plant to provide filtration and adequate air change rates. At the beginning of the eight week programme, the modular plantrooms for all three theatres were positioned on the existing theatre roof and all existing steam and chilled water services were extended and linked into the new plant, whilst the internal works were carried out. Once Phase 2 was completed, Theatres 1 and 3 were handed over to the hospital.

Phase 3:
Saw Theatre 2 refurbished to the same standard over an eight week period. The existing plant was removed from the old plantroom, to create a new plantroom for the AGSS and Chilled Water pumps; the whole of the on site work, was carried out over a 20 week period.

CUH Temple St. Project Manager said:

"This work has left us with excellent services to support the newly refurbished theatres. VtV came forward with a good solution to our problem, we are very pleased with the design and service they have given us over the past 18 months. This project had been shelved twice in the last five years as we could not find a solution that suited the hospital’s need to ensure that a number of operations could be maintained, VtV provided that solution and they proved that it could work".

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